Arc’teryx is one the most respected outdoor brands, and one the biggest producers of outerwear and jackets. The brand’s has always held the same convinction: every item should be useful first, aesthetic comes after. The brand is still based in Canada, more precisely in a mountain region called British Columbia, since territory is both the starting point and the final destination of every Arc’teryx jacket, that needs to be tested into nature to prove it can bear even complicated weather conditions. Put short, nature basically means everything to Arc’teryx: the logo draws inspiration by a fossil, the Archaeopteryx lithographica, and vaguely recalls the jagged ridges of the Pacific mountain chain. The brand’s history is similar to that of many other hiking brands: founded to meet the demands of professional hikers and climbers, Arc’teryx slowly but steadily also became a streetwear staple thanks to the progressive disappearance of limits between subcultures. The company’s mission is manufacturing jackets to basically withstand every weather condition, but waterproof hardshells, technical outerwear and winter jackets are just a part of Arc’teryx multifaceted offering. Which includes, among others, mountain pants, pile fleeces, logo T-shirts and sweatshirts as well as winter accessories - beanies, gloves and more.

What type of brand is Arc’teryx?

Founded by Dave Lane in 1989, the Canadian brand officially changed its name into the current one in 1991, as a clear homage to the Archaeopteryx lithographica, the first reptile ever to develop a pair of wings. After a few years pent producing generic mountain clothing, the brand entered its golden era in 1995 after getting the GORE-TEX® license, thus allowing the brand to design breakthrough outerwear models by combining high performances with a unique aesthetic. The Arc’teryx Alpha SV, Beta LT and Atom LT are all good examples of this combination, and the ultimate benchmarks in terms of breathability and impermeability. Then there’s the cultural impact: starting from the mid ‘10s, outdoor has grown more and more popular to the mainstream audience. But Arc’teryx has always remained true to its original philosophy, that is crafting durable jackets and functional outerwear to let you experience the outdoors effortlessly. That said, Arc’teryx does love exploring new worlds, as evidenced by the launch of the cityline Arc’teryx Veilance in 2009, shortly followed by collaborations with streetwear brands such as Beams and Palace.

Where to buy original Arc’teryx jackets?

SPECTRUM offers a carefully curated selection of technical outerwear, rainproof shell jackets, and padded jackets built using just the very best combination of materials, technologies and functional details for outdoor living. The Arc’teryx Alpha series for instance groups together a lineup of lightweight jackets, specifically design for professional hiking and trekking. The Alpha ST and Alpha AR are breathable windbreakers featuring an external GORE-TEX® coating and reflective details for any emergency. Same goes for the Arc’teryx Atom, which is available both in the padded version or simply as an hardshell. Getting into the details, the Coreloft Compact thermal insulation is a key feature that allows jackets to dry out quickly, while cuffs and waist are provided with adjustable cuffs. And again, the Arc’teryx Beta series combines hiking features with urban design details: if the outer layer is still done in GORE-TEX®, this particular type of jackets also enlists a wide StormHood hood and several side pockets that may be useful during our everyday life.

Why is Arc’tery now considered a street brand?

The process that led Arc’teryx from streetwear to outdoor can be summed up by a single word: gorpcore. Gorpcore should be intended as a style that relies on technical gears, originally designed for hiking but used in casual settings: rainproof and windproof hardshells, pile fleeces, technical nylon pants. So this gorpcore style focus on functionality, since it basically consists of techwear. That said, Arc’teryx items are so coveted and worldwide appreciated because the average quality of its gorpcore cannot is unrivalled. The brand’s path vaguely recalls that of other famous outdoor brands, which have trenspassed the canonic borders of mountain clothing to sneak into the street cutlure, like happened with The North Face and Patagonia, but in terms of technological features and technical development, no reality comes close to Arc’teryx.

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