Left unemployed after returning from the II World War, in 1949 Kihaciro Onitsuka established a company selling boots for students that relies on the favorite motto of his old comrade: "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" didn't only become the push to Kihaciro intentions of building a product able to improve the quality of kids life, but also the acronym of a pivotal brand bound to write pages and pages of lifestyle sneakers history.The originally dubbed Onitsuke Tiger launched its first pair of shoes in 1950, patenting a basketball silhouette that features an embroidered Onitsuka Tiger logo on the insole: in the following years, they started shaping lightweight volleyball shoes and canvas basket sneakers equipped with a cutting-edge Magic Ventilation System. The real turning-point is dated back to 1962, when the American company Blue Ribbon understood the potential of Onitsuka by signing a distribution agreement, becoming the office USA retailer of the future Asics. Every Onitsuka running kick included a specific cushioning system back then, a large insert fattening the structure of shoes that led the label figure out an updated design: forerunner running sneakers like Tiger Corsair escalated many technologies from Onitsuka competitors, adding a smooth midsole between upper and sole - a benchmark was officially born. In 1973, Layup NL stood as another big step forward because their butter-soft treated nylon matched NBA jerseys, shifting those model from sport to lifestyle. Onitsuka merged with GTO and Jelenk in 1977 to form Asics: sport still remained the foundation for a healthy, fair life and the 'crossed stripes' logo made its first appearance. Asics sneakers radically changed in 1987 as Gel Technology was first introduced on Gel Lyte I, most commonly dubbed Gel Lyte: this particular system showcased a shock-absorbing gel midsole that's still applied on the entire Asics footwear. Besides reducing the impact on the ground, the Gel technology cut the injuries while slightly increasing athletes performances: tested on Asics Gel Runner, they also took the entire Gel Saga series to success. Among all these models, in 1990 Asics gave birth to its ultimate masterpiece by introducing a flawless sneakers in all respects: Asics Gel Lyte III embodied the uncompromising, out of the box approach the Asiatic brand relied on to revolutionize the way we now look at sneakers. Triple density sole, Gel technology and the unmistakable split tongue were a Copernican revolution that completely changed the sneaker-game, turning sport shoes into the sheer protagonist of pop culture. Shigeyuki Mitsui and his team dabbled in integrate different elements in one harmonious shape that could meet bot athletes and everyday needs: Gel Lyte III first tested a triple-density foam sole, adding 3M reflecting details on the upper to improve the safety of runners during night walks. Moving over, Asics Kayano stille remain at timeless classic due to a Coolmax mesh texture that highlights its clean shape, while Gel Lyte V were another big step forward in adjusting Gel on a smoothed out structure. Gel Diablo came out in 1995 featuring a tangled mix of lines stressed by plain colorways, while Asics Gel Mai were recently rethought and now showcase a modern mesh upper with an asymmetrical lacing system. Asics goes beyond the boundaries of a simple brand, standing a real lifestyle centered on personal care, both spiritual and physical - focus on the former, and leave the latter to Asics!

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