Bomber jackets

Staple pieces seem to be ones coming from functional necessity, so no wonder bomber jackets achieved such a resounding success all over the world. This military-inspired garment makes its first appearance in the early '50s to replace the leather jackets worn by aviators, turned bulky and unable to withstand mildew and humidity of high altitudes. The first know sample of flight jackets is the B-15, but the MA-1 jacket makes its debut in 1949: made of waterproof nylon, this models still remains the trademark for today's styles thanks to elastic collar and orange reversible side, used in emergency situations.A crucial event happened in 1963, when an offshoot of Doobs Industries eventually turned to Alpha Industries and started to mass-produce and export bomber jackets to Europe and Asia, when they become street trademarks after being adopted by tons of young movements. Varsity jackets from American college followed a similar path: born as university garments, their ongoing success was all thanks to hip hop artists and popular athletes, who began to customize their models through embroidered patches and bold prints. Ranging from English skinhead to punk, grunge and otaku youth subcultures, bomber and coach jackets embody different meanings according to the social environment in which they're incorporated, conveying revolutionary messages. Keeping up with the development of street culture, bomber and college jackets become a signature piece for every single streetwear enthusiast out there: if New Era rules the athletic outerwear, on the other hands independent labels such as Octopus and Iuter are used to rethinking historic garments by adding all-over patterns and playing with vivid colors. Clothing's usually able to stand the test of time by changing with times without avoiding its identity, just like vintage jackets from Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger jackets. There are lined bomber jackets rocked as flawless winter jackets when you need to stay covered, often refined by satin touches and inner pockets: elastic cuffs and collar deal with comfort, continuing the everlasting bomber legacy. Choose you favorite and take flight with SPECTRUM.

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