Down here you can explore our selection of men’s bottoms counting a massive array of work pants, joggers, jeans, sweatpants, five-pocket trousers and cargo pants. SPECTRUM offering includes dungarees and military pants from authentic workwear realities such as Carhartt WIP and Dickies, technical pants for hiking adventures and skate pants such as the sought-after Dickies 874, selected Japanese raw denim and track pants, women’s overalls and more. Pants are a decisive element in every street outfit, together with sneakers and printed tees. That’s why you should spend a proper amount of time in finding the right pair instead of settling for the first one you see. SPECTRUM helps your quest for the perfect trousers with a series of brand, size and price filters that allows you to immediately find what you are looking for. Widespread bottom models surely include work pants, which hold a special place in contemporary streetwear since they might be the most widely used worldwide. We are basically talking about ultra-resistant canvas trousers, extremely durable as they have been tested in stressful conditions. Work pants, also dubbed dungarees, traditionally have a slightly oversize fit or regular, as evidenced by Carhartt WIP Single knee and Double knee. This type of trousers sums up the category’s hallmarks since they feature reinforced stitchings, hammer loops and patches on the most stressed parts. That said, jeans are another great and all-around option: extremely resistant, easy to clean, undoubtedly comfortable, there are endless versions you can purchase based on fabric weight, treatment and color. To figure out the multifaceted denim world, just think about the difference between Edwin Japanese denim, Calvin Klein boyfriend jeans and Levi’s time-tested five-pocket denim pants. Pared-down bottoms include some variations of sweatpants and joggers, including cotton fleece pants that are extremely useful during winter time. Furthermore, joggers feature elasticated ankles to avoid inconvenient cuffs. SPECTRUM also counts two kinds of bottoms that are pretty used in street outfits: chinos and cargo pants. The former are understated multi-functional twill cotton pants used by skaters, fashion connoisseurs and your kids, just like the Dickies 874. The latter come from workwear and are built using a ripstop cotton structure further enriched by side pockets and some subtle details. But our proposal also enlists women’s bibs, tech pants for mountain hiking, vintage-like ripped jeans, corduroy pants and much more.

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What do cargo pants mean?

Cargo pants are useful work bottoms originally used by freight-loading port workers in London and American docks, hence the name cargo. Some models feature a slim fit and elasticated cuffs, others look like military pants made of ripstop cotton for improved durability, but there are also low-waisted pants with tapered legs. What brings together every type of cargo pants is the comfort-first design idea that lies behind them, combined with a top-tier durability and the presence of several side pockets to store work tools. Carhartt Aviation pants might be the most famous models of cargo as they effectively combine the workwear legacy of the American brand with the unmatched durability of authentic dungarees, without compromising on the demands of contemporary streetwear. Which basically means slim fit, tear-proof fabrics, basic colors, reinforces stitchings and more. Chino pants like the Dickies 874 are an equally valid alternative, as they combine an extremely agile twill cotton structure with subtle detailing.

Which jeans should I buy?

The landscape of denim bottoms is multifaceted, hence we should make some clarifications before pointing out which is the best type of jeans on the market. Standout models include skinny jeans with tapered legs and a heavy construction, raw denim that are sold intentionally unwashed, loose-fitting boyfriend jeans, selvedge denim carved out of a unique piece of cloth and many other types. There are basically two features you should take into consideration in the middle of your selection process: wearability and fabric weight. Sometimes the denim fit determines the type used: a pair of skinny jeans needs to use an elastic and pretty light cotton to result enough snug and agile. Other remarkable denim models feature ripped biker jeans, oversized denim pants with stone-washed treatment, flared trousers with a vintage twist and more.

Why are work pants trending?

Most of the bottoms you can see in contemporary streetwear are work pants, or at least models with a clear workwear background. With all the differences of the case: cargo pants made of ripstop cotton, vancas-made single knee bottoms and double knee pants featuring an oversized wearability, military pants just like the Carhartt WIP Aviation and many more unique takes on a timeless classic. The combination of durability and peerless comfort pushed dungarees and work pants on top of brand’s favorite models; while part of those realities are OG workwear brands with a long tradition in work clothing, just like Dickies and Carhartt WIP bottoms, beside them there’s a new generation of street and casual brands that manufacture work-inspired bottoms for lifestyle purposes.

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