Choosing which type of spray you want to use is central to spray painting. But a good spray is not enough: it must be combined with an adequate cap, depending on the type of work planned out. This SPECTRUM page offers a series of caps for different strokes, suitable for any task or need. Ultra fine lines with the Super Skinny series, perfect for precision works and coloring cuts. We recommend skinny caps for your outlines, its main features being precision and cleanliness. Soft caps, a crucial middle way between fat and skinny, are highly versatile nozzles for soft strokes, perfect for backgrounds and borders. Fat caps for big and fast strokes, like the popular pink fat nozzle and the classic New York cap; and finally super fat caps (Yellow, Silver and Astro), i.e. caps for real bombers characterized by exaggerated strokes, to say the least - for flash fill lovers and to cover large surfaces.

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