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Snapbacks, baseball caps and bucket hats are one of the distinctive hallmarks of streetwear and street style. That’s why SPECTRUM gives you a massive selection of men’s caps, beanies, snapbacks, 5-panels and visors to select from. Our headwear proposal counts NBA caps, vintage sport hats, winter beanies and many other options from a long line of brands including New Era, Kangol, Carhartt WIP and more. If we analyze men’s headwear, the models universally regarded as street staples certainly include bucket hats and brimmed caps, also called baseball caps, or simply snapbacks. They come equipped with a back closure, often adjustable, and a brim on the front that can be curved or flat. As happened with many other street garments, hats were originally intended for sport activities before turning into the world’s most used accessory. They were – and still are – used by athletes, especially by baseball players, to protect from the sunlight during games. Now they’re a go-to accessory for every type of outfit, as happened with the 5-panel, a model built using five different fabric panels. 5-panels are also called volley hats and come with the same back closure as snapbacks do, while they stand out from 6-panels due to a more rounded shape. Next to clear examples of streetwear hats, SPECTRUM offers a variety of beanies and winter headwear such as Carhartt WIP Acrylic Watch hats, together with waterproof bucket hats from Barbour and Kangol. Other unusual headwear alternatives include ski masks and balaclavas, elegant wide-brimmed caps, sport visors and many more.

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How many types of caps and hats are there?

Our variegated offering of men’s headwear encompasses sport hats produced by authentic sportswear giants such as New Era and Mitchell & Ness, winter-ready wool beanies and earmuffs, brimmed caps finished with premium details, fedoras and basques, flat caps and many others. SPECTRUM groups together a curated edit of the best-selling models and brands, with a special attention for street-oriented styles and realities. Our catalog ranges from all-time classics Kangol Furgora, most commonly known as warm hats made using a blend of angora fur and synthetic fabric. This particular construction can be featured on fedora hats, basques, beanies and snapbacks without any distinction. Other must-have models of contemporary headwear might include logo caps, plain corduroy snapbacks, vintage headwear from workwear and outdoor brands such as Carhartt WIP and Patagonia, and many more.

Where to buy authentic bucket hats?

As stated above, caps and hats have always been a distinctive hallmark of street clothing. That said, certain models and styles are better suited than others to describe how the influence of street culture shaped contemporary fashion trends. Kangol is most known for designing and manufacturing bucket hats, usually made using a blend of Angora fur and synthetic fabrics for the ultimate combination of durability and warmth. Kangol’s buckets are available in many colorways including camo hats, bold iterations with tie-dye prints all over, plain models done in pastel shades and many more.

Which are the best-selling caps?

If we talk about street-oriented headwear, best-selling models include more or less the same range of models: snapbacks with a flat brim, every sort of bucket hats, logo beanies and similar. But street clothing boundaries keep fading each passing year, which means traditional men’s garments are widely accepted also in street outfits, even when it comes to headwear. Current must-have models count outdoor caps made of tearproof Cordura® with waterproof coating, as well as utility caps and jungle hats, usually made of an easy-to-wash breathable texture. Another huge fad are vintage snapbacks, often coming with embroideries and patches inspired by the longtime star-spangled sportswear tradition. New Era is the absolute master of baseball caps and NBA headwear, but this heritage treatment is being used by several lifestyle brands and young street brands such as Obey, Iuter and others.

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