Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP is a universally acclaimed workwear brand which brought into casual clothing a selection of reworked dungarees, work jackets, denim essentials and more. During the ‘90s, this Midwest-based company launched a lifestyle clothing line called Carhartt WIP - which means “Work In Progress” - which gathers casual and lifestyle alternatives to some classic workwear pieces, including chore coats and cargo pants. Up here you can explore a wide range of Carhartt WIP clothing, equally divided between time-tested staples and new arrivals from the latest Carhartt WIP collections. One of the brand’s highlights are for sure bottoms, which stick out for variety and quality. Our offering of Carhartt WIP pants range from classical Carhartt cargo with reinforced stitchings and side pockets, to denim pants and tearproof cotton twill dungarees. But Carhartt WIP also means work jackets: here the selection includes durable and versatile lined jackets such as the Michigan coats, flannel overshirts, long-sleeved corduroy shirts, pile fleeces and many others. Every drop is complemented by a series of T-shirts with seasonal prints, streetwear accessories and homeware, knitwear and beanies.

What’s the difference between Carhartt and Carhartt WIP?

Carhartt sells work gears, uniforms and tools for working outside, while the so-called WIP series, launched in the early ‘00s, reworks workwear staples for the ready-to-wear. We are talking about two different brands, and Carhartt WIP is significantly more widespread than Carhartt; the vast majority of work jackets and pants you see here and there are the casual versions of Carhartt WIP. This separation occurred in the early twenty-first century, when the American brand chose to ride the brand’s increasing popularity across hip hop and street culture by launching a lifestyle dedicated series, and in doing so, certifying Carhartt WIP worldwide influence.

How to wash Carhartt WIP jackets?

Generally speaking, the washing method depends on the type of jacket. Washing a sherpa jacket is different from washing a rough cotton chore coat, and so is cleaning a puffer or anorak. Carhartt WIP catalog is extremely varied and ranges from the brand’s signature Michigan coats, available in many different colorways, to rainproof pullover jackets, windproof down jackets and quilted vests. Explore our section dedicated to Carhartt WIP outerwear and purchase your next style on SPECTRUM.

How to pick the right Carhartt WIP size?

As mentioned above, Carhartt WIP is a deeply rooted workwear brand. As such, Carhartt WIP clothing generally has a loose fit, especially when it comes to bottoms. Denim pants, joggers, Carhartt Aviation and Single Knee are different from each other, but all those models share the same loose fit - or at least regular - that’s typical of work bottoms. This also applies to Carhartt WIP chino pants, of course. That said, the wearability of tops such as sweatshirts, pullovers, tees and Carhartt WIP jackets is usually aligned with that of the other street brands and may change from one model to another. For instance, Chase sweatshirts fit smaller than Carhartt Car-Lux, and so forth. Carhartt WIP T-shirts have a pretty normal fit as well, and yet they’re made of a durable, thick cotton like every Carhartt garment.

When was Carhartt WIP founded?

The Carhartt brand originally started crafting uniforms, work gears and dungarees in 1889, at the height of the industrial and economical boom that completely transformed Detroit and the whole Midwest. Later on, the company just followed the increasing popularity of the Carhartt label across music, art and street culture by setting up a lifestyle line, with the aim of reworking and redesigning some of its all-time classics by following a more casual and street sensation. Pushed by this goal, Carhartt WIP arose and redefined the rules of engagement between different subcultures, slowly but steadily blending heritage workwear into streetwear. The “Work In Progress” series also collects all Carhartt WIP collaborations, including epoch-changing projects with Supreme, Awake, BAPE, Converse, Suickoke and many other street brands. More generally, following the evolution of Carhartt WIP allows us to understand how streetwear will evolve through the collections, the innovations and the projects of a company that has forever changed the fashion industry.

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