Behind the cheeky smile of Market lays the brilliant mind of Mike Cherman, a young designer who’s already helped to define the image of Kith and ICNY. This time he draws inspiration from New York, as his brand’s name comes from the most (in)famous shopping district of NYC. Every collection is packed with references to the city and bootleg prints, mostly prints and graphics that mock several staples of the pop culture.Another relevant theme is the consumer culture: the Smiley©, the happy face covering most of Chinatown Market accessories, adorns the shopping bags of many grocery and clothing shops from Los Angeles to New York, eventually standing out as an inadvertent pop icon. What’s certain is Chinatown Market tendency to leave everyone astonished: drops often include T-shirts decorated with huge writings and eye-grabbing patterns, such as tie-dye detailing and camo prints.

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