Diadora is an Italian brand that manufactures shoes and sportswear, founded in 198 in Caerano di San Marco, near to Treviso. The company was born producing winter boots for soldiers on the front and moved over to workwear boots once the war finished, proving its worth due to durable textures and a peerless efficiency. The name Diadora has a double meaning: the first comes from the antique name of Zara town, while the second just from merging two words of ancient Greek as "Dia" and "Dora", which stand for "gifts and honors".The original Diadora logo is dated back to 1972 and it was known as the five-ball logo because made of five circles that pay homage to the Olympic Games: it permanently changed in 1973, when the symbol we know today was officially introduced featuring a larger and wider Diadora writing. During late '70s, this artisan shoemaker evolved into a well-structured company adding new production techniques while maintaining that handcrafted flavor: the turning point was getting in touch with sportswear, especially on the occasion of Montreal 1976 Olympics when Diadora signed a sponsorship deal with Ben Johnson, paving the way for deals with Roberto Baggio, Bjon Borg and Marco Tardelli. In those years, sport became the social, massive phenomenon able to determine trends and tastes and Diadora jumped from performance to lifestyle by designing some iconic low sneakers. Tennis sneakers were made mainstream by a legend like Borg, who ran the fashion events boasting a captivating charm both on and off court. Diadora N9000 stand for sure among the most successful silhouettes of the time, combining a cushioned Eva sole with subtle urban lines, relying on a sport background that feels comfortable even in the city: Diadora V7000 - 'V' stands for 'Veloce' - are Diadora sneakers conceived for short distance runs, equipped with a Z-shaped outsole and a Vibrassorb insole improving comfort and stability. Diadora B Elite probably were the most beloved tennis shoes ever produced: born with a premium leather upper placed atop a sturdy yet flexible gum sole, they won the heart of hip hop artists and they're now available in tons of colorways, including a particular Elite Weave iteration that features smoothed out textures and modern cloths. Launched in the early '90s, Rebound Ace were born on court like any other Diadora kicks, showing the acclaimed performance side of the Italian label with a polyurethane construction that became a sheer must for athletes by exploiting the Double Action cushioning system. The solid bond linking Diadora to the soccer led to some of the most iconic soccer jerseys ever, as well as entire lines of football gears dedicated to esteemed glories from the past, like the Diadora RB94 dedicated to Roberto Baggio - embroidered details and applied patches take vintage sportswear to infinity and beyond. Originally introduced in 2000, the Diadora Heritage collection dabbled in reissuing historic garments through a careful process of selection and restyling, reworking Diadora tracksuits, tees and crewnecks pairing original designs with cutting-edge materials. Stay classic, go Diadora!

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