Dickies is a workwear brand with a long tradition of work pants and jackets, chino pants, dungarees and clothing that can be considered a direct evolution of work uniforms. Founded in 1922 in the Midwest, Dickies crafted durable uniforms until the second postwar period, when the brand introduced lifestyle makeups of its widely acclaimed work clothing. Together with Carhartt WIP, Dickies redefined the concept of workwear and turned work jackets, chinos and chore coats into casual staples. Dickies catalog now reflects the lifestyle turn taken by the company in the early ‘50s. Along with a rich selection of chino bottoms, denim essentials, chore coats and flannels, Dickies also crafts a more street-oriented clothing which includes logo T-shirts, comfortable hoodies, sherpa jackets and more. No doubt the brand’s flagship items are the Dickies 874 work pants, done in different colorways and iterations. A plain, comfort-first pair of bottoms that feature a regular fit and sturdy cotton twill structure, largely acclaimed by skaters and other subcultures. That said, Dickies also produces five-pocket jeans with reinforced stitchings, checkered overshirts, wool beanies, puffers and outerwear including the beloved Eisenhower jacket, a lined jacket inspired by work jackets and reworked to match the needs of casual wear.

How much are Dickies pants?

Generally, the price of Dickies bottoms ranges from €60 to €90 depending on models, colorways and materials. Even Dickies top-selling style, which are the 874 work pants, lies in this price range; we are talking of durable long trousers with a chino cut, then featuring a tight waist and a more regular cut on the legs. The price may vary from a pair of corduroy pants to some premium denim, but Dickies’ price-quality ratio remains undefeated.

How do Dickies bottoms fit?

Although gradually adapted to the needs of casual clothing, the wearability of Dickies bottoms is still similar to that of the brand’s first work pants - basically a regular fit, with a tight waist and straight legs. That said, there are still some exceptions: the 874 flex work pants, for instance, are the skate version of Dickies’ most famous style, thus featuring a looser fit that’s partly due to an elastic fabric to help skaters during their tricks. Even the slim straight work pants opt for a different wearability, going for tapered legs and plain colors. Put short, Dickies crafts work pants with a regular fit as well as loose-fit and slim-fit alternatives for every taste.

What to wear with a pair of Dickies?

Despite featuring an obvious workwear background, over the years Dickies dungarees have become a true streetwear must-have. It was mostly due to skate culture: pushed by the necessity to find hard-wearing clothes, skaters started wearing workwear gears during the ‘80s and ‘90s. And a pair of chinos with such a combination of comfort, durability and flexibility like the Dickies 874 couldn’t go unnoticed for a long time. That’s also why they look with every type of street outfit: hoodies and sneakers are a great option for your chino pants, just like suede boots and some premium knitwear. Pair your Dickies chinos with the most suitable street clothing for you on SPECTRUM.

How to wash Dickies bottoms?

To find the right washing method for your Dickies dungarees you should consider several factors: textures, colorways, how they’ve been dyed, if they’re made of jeans or corduroy, and so on. The American brand crafts authentic work pants with a traditional design, which usually consists of a hard-wearing cotton twill structure with a regular fit. Sometimes this time-tested recipe undergoes minor changes by adding a small percentage of elastic fabric, or some patches and embroideries for aesthetic purposes. Most of the time, a quick pass in the washing machine is enough considering some precautions: while joggers and chinos don’t need any particular suggestion, denim pants and overalls require more attention to avoid damage.

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