Doomsday was born in 2012 after the collaboration between Salmo, Francesco Liori and André Suergiu, when the charismatic Olbia-base rapper in charge of the project. The brand's identity is affected by many sub-cultures and deals with skate, tattoo, graffiti and punk influences from all over the world, leading to a line of well-assorted yet original items. Liori, is a worldwide renowned designer, creator of Machete logo, and handles the graphic stuff,which means the Doomsday logo and a large part of the prints, going from central branding gears to sharp and harsh illustrations. Things become different when talking about Doomsday T-shirts and sweats though, because those graphics are coherent with a certain graffiti background, yet able to add a personal touch to each collection. On the other way, the garments selection reflects how the USA culture has been influencing Doomsday Society path to success: tees equipped with raglan sleeves, vintage bomber jackets, snapback logo and college jackets are all Doomsday must-have pieces! This Italian group goes strong on skulls, baseball bats and Hammerhead sketches without overlooking a planner and less aggressive aesthetic concept, highlighting contrasting colors and loose cuts. Its catalog even reminds us of the outlandish '90s hip hop clothing, like polo shirts, coach jackets and Doomsday sweatshirts with huge hoodies, a timeless classic for your everyday street outfit. The Doomsday logo has made its way through hits and collaborations with great artists - Noyz Narcos, Gemitaiz, Nitro, Hell Raton and the whole Machete Crew - but finding Salmo has been the ultimate step: perfectly embodying Doomsday's game-changing approach to the streetwear scene, Salmo music stitches together impressions of different areas to shape his own and very personal philosophy- If you're seeking a no-frill look then you've come to the right spot - Doomsday has no mercy!

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