Dr. Martens

Dr Martens is deeply tied with the English working class and with punk and rock subcultures. The brand produces mostly leather boots and low-top casual shoes for everyday use. The company achieved a resounding success during the Second World War, when the two founders added an air cushion to classic boots in order to improve comfort and wearability. The Dr Martens 1460 is the most iconic model, a black high-top boot that has been associated with so many subcultures to become a real fashion icon. The first rock star to wear a pair of Dr Martens boots during a concert was Pete Townshend from The Who, which led the Dr Martens to have a big moment on the international stage - a “moment” that lasted over 20 years. In an era when the footwear market was way less crowded than today, Dr Martens happened to be championed anywhere and by anybody, from punk-rock guys to skinheads, from English Mods to Seattle-based grunge lovers. Today, the cultural value of Dr Martens looks pretty different: a less-mainstream, niche allure that develops through collaborations with high-end brands such as Raf Simons, Supreme, Stüssy, Bape, Off-White and others. We can say it’s a fashion-oriented rendition, less associated with traditional workwear and closer to the Dr Martens’ new way of channeling its unmatched expertise in leather boots and low-top shoes.

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