Based in Tokyo, Edwin is one of the leading manufacturers of jeans and denim made in Japan. As a longtime producer and highly respected representative of Japanese denim tradition, Edwin designs and crafts denim bottoms and jeans garments in line with the traditional Japanese method which puts quality first. Edwin follows up on the worldwide acclaimed American denim school, yet adding a revamped care for the materials and a more ecological approach. Founded in 1947 to originally import high-quality jeans from America, Edwin set the tone for a great diffusion of men’s denim all throughout Japan. For the founder Mr Tsunemi, it was all about jeans: the brand’s name itself originates from the word “denim”, turning the M to create a W. After years spent working to achieve the same excellence of the star-spangled bottoms, in the early ‘60s Edwin finally unveiled a 16oz selvedge denim that immediately stood as world’s heaviest jeans, featuring the famous rainbow selvedge that still remains its signature detail. Edwin’s climb to success started here: the Asian brand then went on to launch other breakthrough innovations like the old wash, a type of washing intended to replicate the worn-out effect on new denim pants. In the early ‘80s Edwin introduced stone washing to increase that lived-in look Japanese denim is renowned for. Standout models include the ED-80 and the ED-45 as well, but the brand’s catalog also includes casual pants such as chinos and joggers, together with a selection of casual tops and accessories.

How many types of jeans are there?

When it comes to jeans garments, the first distinction regards the weight of the denim, which also determines the texture. A 7oz denim is a really lightweight pair of jeans for instance, pretty comfortable for summer time but less durable than the traditional men’s jeans. On the contrary, some 16oz jeans are extremely stiff and sturdy to the touch, and suitable for winter occasions. Generally speaking, jeans pants weigh around 11oz or 12oz, just the perfect compromise to be worn all year long. Another key factor is how a pair of jeans fit you: in addition to the regular fit jeans, there are oversize denim or pants with tapered legs, as well as skinny jeans and slim fit models. Washing must be taken into account as well: blue jeans are the most common ones, but SPECTRUM offers a careful edit of raw denim, selvedge denim, stone washed jeans and many others.

How do Edwin jeans usually fit?

Most of the time, Edwin jeans follow the traditional fit of authentic denim gears, which was originally conceived as fatigue garments for workmen. Thus a slightly oversize fit with straight legs, a detail that usually leads people to buy one size smaller. That said, Edwin also offers a selection of models featuring a more modern wearability; tapered legs and tight waist are implemented to meet the demands of contemporary casual wear.

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