Graffiti writing is one of the four hip hop disciplines, maybe the best known from those outside urban subcultures. Besides being universally understood, lettering and street art are key parts of the street culture movement. Precisely, early experiences of graffiti writing are dated back to the late ‘70s in the States, when gangs opted for a new way of battling each other, which consisted of leaving their signature across trains or walls with spray cans.The world’s leading producer of spray paints Montana still provides for an unmatched assortment of colors, while emerging brands include Grog, Molotow and Krink. Every spray needs a cap, which affects the color jet according to its thickness and design. Along with spray paints, markers are considered the other must-have tool for every lettering enthusiast. Our catalog spans professional water acrylic pencils and ink markers from top-selling brands such as Grog and Molotow, including a selection of markers for drawings on cardboard or paper. To design in complete safety, we also offer basic protective equipment that count face masks, complete suits and gloves. Ultimately, explore our fine art section for brushes and colors from some calligraphy masters - Sakura, Zig and Grog’s Cutters to name but a few.

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