Officially founded in 2002, actually Huf roots should be connected to its founder's ones, the New Yorker Keith Hufnagel. Born in the big apple but attracted to chaotic and multi-colored San Francisco streets, Keith made lifestyle out of hist skating passion, travelling all around the world like a pro-skater and widening his cultural horizons: skateboarding was the key to an all-around knowledge for his, an immediate and concrete way to meet new communities, societies and people.Once back to the Bay Area, he decided to open a shop collecting sneakers, skateboards and streetwear stuff under one roof, determined to return the amazing support he got by the most open-minded community in America - the store was named after Keith's graffiti tag, Huf One. A surprising and quick success led to the birth of the first skate clothing line displaying a loud Huf logo and from this point forward it becomes a well-known history: Huf has been on the rise for years, relying on its founder's ideas to shock the street year one year after another. Huf T-shirts and sweatshirts go big on coziness and functionality, boasting high performances to skate hard every day: their outlook recalls the USA vintage design and few elements coming from Keith experience as a skater and artist, heading to an unmatched and recognizable aesthetic identity that si always open to new influences coming from different fields, like music and contemporary art. We recover Hufnagel freedom of thought in every single item, ranging from tees to hoodies, from Huf caps to the iconic and immortal Huf Plantlife: those marijuana leaves socks are the most popular Huf benchmark, a timeless trend bound to last for ages. The close link between Huf and other independent labels paved the street for sought-after and game-changing collaborations, just like Huf X Thrasher: Huf Box Logo and Classic Logo are obviously at the basis of every capsule, nothing but the DNA code that contains Huf secret recipe to succeed. Worn by skaters, singers and artists, it gained its street credibility just after years of hard work: Huf has been the engine of the street culture movement, gathering all around itself many eminent personalities to reshape the streetwear scenery. Huf sweatshirts equipped with those all-over prints combine social commitment, satire and pop culture, representing a considerable benchmark to follow. The "Made by skateboarders for skateboarders" says everything: don't think twice, join the Dirtbag Crew!

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