Iuter is an Italian street brand founded in 2002, entirely projected and crafted in Milan. The first drops and collaborations wink to the Italian hip hop culture and underground movement, but now Iuter is exactly halfway between streetwear and tailoring, looking for points of contact between art, music, pop culture, high fashion and visual research. Iuter collections stick out as they’re versatile and include streetwear gears such as T-shirts and sweats together with knitwear, shirts and outerwear. Whilst the production is strictly Made in Italy, concentrated in the independent production plant of Milan, the brand draws creative inspirations from all over the world. Over the years, Iuter has developed a solid and highly distinctive aesthetic identity, built upon the high quality of textures and prints, also relying on several collaborative collaborations that borrows from design, contemporary fashion, sport and many other areas. Nowadays the Italian brand’s collection are multi-faceted and extremely wide: signature garments include Iuter T-shirts and sweatshirts with Nepalese and Tibetan graphics, pile fleeces with campo pattern and all-over printing, cotton sweatpants, pullover with tie-dye prints, quilted jackets and accessories.

What type of brand is Iuter?

Iuter is a concept brand with a strong connection with the city of Milan, where the company chose to build the creative headquarter and its own production plant. Founded in 2002, in the early years Iuter followed the classic route of the underground brand: collaborations with emerging rappers popped out along with limited edition printed T-shirts, standing out within collections mostly made of all-over sweats and bold printing. During the mid ‘10s something changed: the brand opened up to international influences and launched co-branding projects with companies based in Japan, United States, England. Nowadays Iuter is worldwide recognized and boasts a highly distinctive visual identity, deeply rooted in pop culture, also thanks to street collaborations such as those with Abarth, Teletubbies or others with graffiti artists with the likes of Zuek.

Who founded Iuter?

Iuter has been conceived and launched by a group of creatives led by Alberto Leoni, a self-made designer with a penchant for snowboarding. Alberto was a regular presence of the Milan Muretto, a crucial spot for the development of Italian streetwear and underground culture. The notorious Muretto has been attended by artists with the likes of Marracash and Gué Pequeno, who have the same background and ambition as Iuter brand. They were both testimonials of the brand, as happened a few years later with the emerging stars of Italian rap music, Sfera Ebbasta and Rkomi, following a circle that repeats itself.

What does Iuter mean?

In terms of naming, Iuter has no particular meaning. This particular word was decided by Alberto Leoni together with the group of creatives that helped him launch the brand. A whole different story compared to that of Octopus, Iuter’s sister brand. The Octopus project revolves around the tentacular prints conceived by the streetwear maestro Giorgio di Salvo, and it went independent in 2005 by debuting with a selection of limited edition T-shirts.

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