The most common fabric all over the world got its name after Genoa, an Italian coastal city known where sailors started wearing dungarees made of jeans due to its mix of durability, lightness and breathability. Besides a strong workwear inheritance, jeans pants quickly became the most representative gear of the 20th century: invented and officially patented by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss, denim pants pursued a long-lasting evolution that went through different ages and trends, always as a protagonist. Turned popular after the post-WWII, blue denim finally got out of the bubble following youth movements and endorsing icons like Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix.Easy to customize and counting on their side brands such as Levi's and Carhartt, jeans pants established themselves as the men's pants par excellence by adding advanced manufacturing process to a resistant framework. Originally designed for miners and cowboys, jeans became a common fashion in the 1960's hippie and heavy-metal subcultures. Stone washed jeans - as well as bleached or acid-washed pants - emerged to give a newly manufactured cloth garment a worn-out appearance, improving flexibility and establishing brand-new trends. Lifestyle brands like Tommy Hilfiger tested new style details like embroidered patches, contrasting stitching and logo inserts, boosting jeans popularity way out of proportion by addressing athletes, musicians and various personalities. Everybody knows Levi's 501 were born after five pocket jeans with riveted reinforcements, while Carhartt Klondike got popularized by black hip-hop artists like Tupac and Biggie. Low-cut jeans are an efficient alternative same as distressed jeans, target of a massive deconstruction and accessorized with pins and slogans. Loose-fitting ripped jeans are the opposite of skinny jeans, fitting one size smaller and turned popular due to punk-rock music. Generally, bottoms are the skeleton key for a versatile yet personal look, both for men and women: peruse our page full of denim and beef up your jeans options going for Levi's bottoms or simply by getting inspired by new emerging labels!

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