Kangol is specialized in producing headwear and men’s hats. The brand’s history is closely related with hip hop culture, even if the company started manufacturing headgears for soldiers and workers back in 1938. The founder Jacques Spreiregen, emigrated from Poland to Paris after the II World War, molded the brand into a headwear giant by strongly focusing on bucket hats and wool hats made of Angora coat, aka the iconic Kangol Furgora. The name Kangol includes the ‘k’ of knitting, the ‘ang’ from Angora and the last two letters of the word ‘wool’. This composed name speaks clearly about the brand’s background, strongly linked with industrial work; Kangol hats had to be first and foremost durable, warm and useful. Aesthetics come later: like happened with other fatigue brands, during the ‘80s Kangol started being worn by hip hop artists from the working-class, who slightly pushed the brand to get close to streetwear and street clothing. More generally, nowadays Kangol headwear offering consists mostly of vintage caps with bold patterns and heritage graphics, wool hats, fake fur bucket hats, baseball caps and winter beanies made of Angora.

What type of brand is Kangol?

If we consider the streetwear scene, Kangol remains one of the biggest and most appreciated headwear producers. The brand owned this reputation after years spent manufacturing high-quality men’s hats made of Angora or faux fur, as well as traditionally-designed flat caps and basques. Styles that were basically worn by youth cultural movements, like the Black Panther Party, or by musicians and artists - Eminem, Slick Rick, Nelly to name but a few. This is the heritage part of Kangol’s catalog, but the brand also produces wool winter beanies, rainproof caps made of a special synthetic fabric, classic brimmed caps for men, and of course a massive selection of bucket hats, available in different colorways and patterns.

Where to buy authentic bucket hats?

Caps have always been a highly distinctive hallmark of street outfits. That’s why SPECTRUM offers a multifaceted lineup of headwear including snapbacks, 5 panels, true fitted caps, wool beanies and many other styles as well. Kangol mostly designs and manufactures bucket hats, usually made using a blend of Angora fur and synthetic fabrics for the best possible combination of durability and warmth. Kangol bucket hats are available in many color variants which include camo hats, tie-dye models, plain monochrome models and buckets showing eye-grabbing motifs and patterns.

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