Karhu is a Finnish footwear and sportswear brand founded in 1916. The company earned its reputation during the first Olympic Games by crafting high-quality running shoes and sport clothing for the athletes. In the early ‘50s Karhu started producing sneakers for lifestyle use by merging its sportswear background with a reworked aesthetic, thus giving life to many notable models and to the brand’s flagship style known as Karhu Fusion, later renamed Karhu Fusion 2.0. Karhu’s logo is made of an "M" that comes from the word "Mestari", which means "Champion" in Finnish. Karhu sneakers quickly grew in popularity, developing into the role model for all the other kicks thanks to an incredible lightness and flexibility: Karhu churned out performing and competitive models for years, achieving incomparable standards for its competitors and reshaping the trainers market. In 1986 Karhu patented the Fulcrum system, drawing attention away from the air cushioning to focus more on the side-to-side foot movement for an improved support: Karhu Albatross go back to the beginning of the '80s, spotlighting a featherweight upper along with an up-to-date cushioning structure. The Karhu Fusion debut broke the boundaries between running, lifestyle and outdoor, combining the performance of the best running footwear with premium textures and bright colors, an easy-to-wear shoe for any occasion. New Karhu Fusion 2.0 colorways provide continuity to this philosophy coming with sought-after collaborations - Patta, Diadora and more - that have legitimated its leading role as a lifestyle sneakers' staple. Karhu Synchron belongs to that list too: a sleek nineties-flavored runner that seduced everyone thanks to a double-density sole, an asymmetric lacing system and a soft upper made of suede and mesh.

What’s the fit of Karhu sneakers?

Despite producing many different models and styles, Karhu maintains the same regular fit throughout its whole sneakers production. At the end, Karhu mostly crafts low-top shoes with a clear running DNA, combining a plain and understated aesthetic with top-tier performance and subtle detailing. Even if textures, colors and structural elements may vary from a pair of Fusion 2.0 to one of Legacy 96, Karhu still offers the same regular wearability that backed the brand’s rise to the footwear stardom.

Where to buy Karhu in Italy?

Karhu is a big name of contemporary footwear, that’s why the brand carefully chooses the retailers and shops that can distribute and sell its shoes. SPECTRUM offers a massive edit of Karhu’s top-selling and most coveted shoes that goes beyond the Fusion 2.0 as it also incorporates archive-inspired models and cutting-edge prototypes - Air 95, Karhu Trampas, Fusion XC, Legacy 96. This footwear offering is further completed by some vintage sportswear, mainly sweatshirts and tees and street accessories.

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