Born in 2001, the Finnish clothing company Makia emerges from the icy Nordic seas to bring us its personal modern take on classical items. Affected by the typical navy environment and by the historical Scandinavian design's tradition, this young brand fully reflects the ships' features of Monterosso, the Helsinki's district dedicated to the boats' production: comfort and endurance at the helm to take on both the wild nature and the urban chaos.Recalling characteristic elements from the Finnish docks' workwear, the background is roughly comparable to the Carhartt's one, whose craftsmanship in creating fashionable work-clothes has led it to the success. The design, then, looks like the the Nordics seas' pure water, blending clean lines and high-quality details; jumping from a crewneck to a shirt, the unique Makia style cannot be missing in your wardrobe. The Makia's huge variety is one of its strong point, allowing us to choose between a casual look, matching a comfy T-shirt with a blue jeans, and a more elegant one, combining stylish shirts with the functional Makia winter jackets. We cannot forget the awesome crewnecks, suitable for every occasion with casual or elegant sneakers; so hurry up, give a streetwear touch to your wardrobe with the original Makia style!

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