The first tag in history dates back to 1967 and was created by Cornbread, a Philadelphia writer. Since then the so-called ‘Taggin’ tools’ have evolved a lot. Markers have always been and always will be the basic tools to tag, sign and mark territories. SPECTRUM catalog contains more than 80 types of markers and felt tips, each with different features and suitable for the most varied uses: writing, street art, sketching, custom design, graphics and much more. This section displays brightly colored enamel markers and the most persistent ink felt tips, including squeezers, a graffiti world revolution signed by GROG. SPECTRUM offers a range of tempera markers as well, such as the popular Uni Posca or ZIG posterman, known for their versatility.As far assketch and professional drawing are concerned, this page features several markers, from the popular Sharpie, synonymous with precision, to ‘pantone-like’ ones, such as Touch, Stylefile and Molotow Grafx. Finally a set of markers with fine chisel tips, specifically designed for calligraphy studies. SPECTRUM offers the best commercially available markers. Now it’s up to you: choose your weapon!

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