New Balance

New Balance stands out as one of the most respected American brands, crafting high-quality sneakers and sportswear since the beginning of the 20th century. Founded in Boston in 1906, the originally dubbed "The New Balance Arch Support Company" dabbled in producing arches and footwear accessories due to improving the wearability of trainers: those accessories became so requested that athletes started asking for tailored shoes for matches. The founder William Riley took the idea of the three-fingered chicken legs, that seemed to him the most natural expression of stability in nature. The first running sneaker ever came out in 1938, but the brand radically changed direction in 1961: the New England company launched Trackster on the market, the world's first sport shoes equipped with a ripple sole to improve traction. New Balance sneakers started featuring the iconic "N" logo in the late '70s, after New Balance 320 released: at the beginning, the brand kept a premium yet small-scale production endorsing many winners of the New York marathon, but towards the start of 1980s it was forced to expand the production due to fulfill the ongoing demand: besides historic made in USA shoes, the streetwear giant opened an establishment in Flimby, right in the middle of the United Kingdom, crafting coveted lifestyle sneakers sporting the writing "made in England". More generally, every New Balance shoe sticks out for high quality standards and for an unmatched selection of fabrics and materials, but the two lines mentioned above take those two hallmarks to a whole other level with pigskin suede uppers, ENCAP midsoles and much more. The addition of founder of Aimé Leon Dore founder Teddy Santis as creative director pushed the brand into a new dimension. Thanks to his ability to blend streetwear and high fashion with other cultural influences, the whole New Balance 99 Series - including the worldwide acclaimed New Balance 990, 991, 992 and so on - is living another golden moment. As it happened with the New Balance 550, an archive-inspired low-top sneaker that perfectly represent the footwear philosophy of the American brand.

Where are New Balance sneakers produced?

Considering all the streetwear brands on the market, New Balance sneakers remain those with the highest average quality. The Midwest-based company picks just premium fabrics and cutting-edge technological features for its shoes. Part of the production is still set up in the United States and England, following artisanal processes and an old-school method like that of the Flimby factory. Furthermore, the entrance of Teddy Santis as creative director pushed the brand to pay even more attention to the overall quality of New Balance sneakers, as his approach starts from archive digging to craft unique, carefully shaped items. This working ethic also applies to every sneaker: pigskin leather panels, premium suede details and pastel shades are just some of the Teddy Santis signature ingredients to create a sought-after, trend-setting and extremely curated casual sneaker inspired by American trainers’ heritage.

How much is a pair of New Balance sneakers?

The average price of New Balance shoes is about €200. A slightly higher price if compared to other brands, but just because New Balance takes care of every single aspect of its sneakers: technology, comfort, durability, aesthetic.

What size of New Balance I should purchase?

Clearly picking the right of your next New Balance fit depends on the model you are willing to buy and on a number of other factors - materials, the width of insole, etc. That said, New Balance has a pretty normal wearability when compared to that of other streetwear and sneaker brand. Let’s take for example the NB 990: you can choose between different iterations, as stated by the naming of New Balance 990 v1, v2 and so on, but the suggested size remains the same. This also applies NB991, NB992 and to any other New Balance OG, thus including the whole 99 Series, as well as to the latest models. The list of those so called “latest models” is pretty wide as it ranges from reworked archival trainers, such as the New Balance 2002R, to styles that are somehow inspired by New Balance old models, but so aesthetically refreshing that can should be considered brand new - yes, we are talking again about the New Balance 550.

Which New Balance model should I purchase?

Despite the brand’s imprint being pretty obvious, and its hallmarks pretty distinctive, New Balance offers a wide array of footwear options to satisfy every sneakerhead. The heritage share is covered by the New Balance 1500 and 920, two Made in England styles with a nubuck, suede and textured leather construction sitting atop an ENCAP® midsole. The company reveals a more premium soul through selected streetwear collaborations with fashion giants and emerging, independent brands. New Balance only picks similar projects (Patta, Carhartt WIP), or brands giving an original contribution to New Balance development, like happened with Joe Freshgoods and Salehe Bembury. New Balance also has an outdoor line made of trekking shoes with GORE-TEX® coating and Vibram® outsoles, just like the Fresh Foam Hierro. And of course a solid variety of men’s lifestyle sneakers and casual shoes that include the NB 574 and CT302, together with a series of hybrid shoes that combine experimental design elements with an eco-friendly approach. It’s the case of the New Balance XC-72, a running model built picking a ripstop cotton upper reinforced by a sponge tongue and by a massive rubber sole that reaches up to the heel.

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