Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force are basketball shoes launched in the early ‘80s, the first Nike sneakers ever provided with Air Unit technology in the midsole. A small air insert conceived to improve cushioning, the same system later used for the Air Max series. No doubt the Air Force 1 is the most distinctive and famous model of the Swoosh; white Air Force 1 is a must-have style for anyone, but there are many exclusive colorways and streetwear collaborations you should check. Also dubbed Uptowns, the Air Force 1 is a milestone of sport footwear and streetwear as well, an epoch.making style designed by Nike in 1982 to provide NBA players and common athletes with a cutting-edge trainer. Inspired by the minimal and rounded shape of the plain used by the president of the United States – hence the name – those Nike sneakers introduced concepts and technical innovations that forever changed the rules. The idea of retro sneakers arises precisely from the Air Force 1. Until the launch of the Air Force 1, shoes used to debut on the market, be purchased and then set aside by brands. But things changed with the Uptowns as the incredible public demand for Air Force pushed the brand to continue the production, also reissuing colorways and models previously launched and indeed establishing the retro sneakers phenomenon. Excluding the Air Technology in the midsole, this model presents a pretty straightforward structure composed by a leather upper with a side Swoosh logo, ‘Air’ writing on the heel tabs, a perforated toebox and a tonal outsole to bring everything full circle. But Air Force 1 longevity is further proved by the incredible variety of colors, versions and alternatives on the market. Notable options include Air Force with suede uppers, Flyknit paneling, chamois leather featuring all-over patterns, subtle detailing or a GORE-TEX® coating for an ultimate outdoor feeling. On the other hand, the pair has such a simple structure that’s often picked by street brands to be customized and pimped for Nike’s most exclusive streetwear collaborations, including those with Off-White, Supreme and many others.

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Why are white Air Force 1 always sold-out?

From 2020, Nike has slowed down the production of Air Force 1, especially of the white iteration. Partly it’s due to Covid, which forced many manufacturing sites to reduce their production. But it’s also a long-meditated and really conscious choice from the Portland brand, which aims to personally handle the distribution of the sneakers that changed street culture forever. We must remember Air Force 1 is hands down the most famous sneaker ever produced, and the model that better represents the attitude of the American sportswear giant. Besides that, they’re also regarded as an undisputed icon of contemporary pop culture and the absolute symbol of streetwear and street style overall.

How much for a pair of Air Force 1?

The answer clearly depends on which colorway, model and edition you are willing to buy, but the average price of the men’s Air Force 1 is around €139. A price that might change if we consider limited edition styles, including collaborations and sought-after releases; and the same goes for Air Force high and mid, which usually have a slightly higher price point. On the contrary, women’s Air Force 1 are slightly cheaper, as in the case of the Air Force 1 Shadow, a girls’ exclusive that presents a bold silhouette enriched by a double side Swoosh, a thicker midsole and a chunky construction overall that gives a different allure to a time-tested staple. If you want to take a look at our comprehensive selection of low sneakers, browse our dedicated page and pick the most suitable style for you.

How many types of Air Force 1 are on the market?

Generally speaking, there are basically three versions of Air Force 1: low, mid and high. While the low-top iteration is the most popular, and hands down the top-selling iteration among those mentioned above, this iconic style originally debuted in the high-cut version. This also because those Nike shoes were meant for basketball players, and the high-top construction was intended to help athletes avoid injuries. Moving to textures and fabrics, there are so many different types of Air Force 1: all suede shoes featuring lavish details, plain leather sneakers with reflective inserts or a special coating, models showing a certain vintage allure thanks to color-blocking patterns or embossed writings, and more again.

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