Obey is a worldwide acclaimed street brand that produces tees and street clothing, founded in America and mostly focused on the graphics and the street art of its founder Shepard Fairey. Born in the early ‘00s from a sticker with the face of the wrestler Andre the Giant, Obey Propaganda carries on a process of redefinition of modern society’s paradigms through projects, actions, drops and collaborations with other streetwear brands. Obey’s ultimate goal is to mock the way media, big companies and governments communicate. Obey shows a clear rebellious soul in every collection, yet the brand led by the genius of Shepard Fairey is also one of the first streetwear brands to become international and “pop”. All this without losing sight of its main purpose: satirize traditional media, politics, papers and all the habits rooted in modern society. This defiant attitude is expressed through streetwear collections mainly composed by printed T-shirts and sweats with Obey logo, often coming together with a more evolved selection of street clothing. Standout items include pullovers, overshirts and outerwear, socks and other accessories.

What type of brand is Obey?

Mainly considered a streetwear brand, Obey can also be included to the macro world dubbed casual wear, which features brands with a worldwide relevance, regardless of their background. The collective blends hip hop, art, design and pop culture references with the aesthetic boldness of Shepard Fairey’s art, often starring in art exhibitions all over the world. Obey’s anti-establishment approach is particularly appreciated by skaters, also because clothing drops are formed for the most part by short-sleeved T-shirt, Obey sweatshirts and chino pants.

What links Obey with Shepard Fairey?

As stated above, Shepard Fairey is the mind behind Obey and the creative energy pushing the brand forward. In 1989, when he was just a young art student with ambitions and a pinch of madness, Fairey started a reflection on how stickers were perceived in modern society, which turned out being the spark needed to launch his own brand. Even though the brand is now worldwide acclaimed and distributed, he still maintains a relevant role in the organization, as he oversees the whole production process by bringing that heritage streetwear vibes to every new drop and project.

Where to buy original Obey T-shirts?

SPECTRUM offers a weekly updated selection of Obey T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, streetwear pants, pullovers and outerwear that include Obey’s time-tested staples and the brand’s latest arrivals. Among the most interesting projects supported by Obey, the eco-friendly clothing series with FairTrade® label stands out for sure; it’s basically a selected apparel line whose products are crafted using recycled textures and natural dying. Plus, the FairTrade® certification guarantees that all the incomes are redistributed fairly between producers, farmers, retailers and so on.

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