Obey was born from the beautiful mind of Shepard Fairey, a young art student who created a graphic inspired to the wrestler Andre the Giant in 1989: he had no particular purposes other than experimenting new concepts and spread his artistic ideas, but this sticker quickly became an incredible media sensation, leading to the foundation of Obey Giant in 2001 - nothing better than a skate brand driven by a team of passionate enterprising guys.Every collection clearly shows the social and political commitment of the founder, a great street artist that is still used to speaking his mind and supporting free speech and thought: it's easy to remember the worldwide famous four-color printing for the Obama election campaign, but nothing beats the iconic white-on-red Obey logo, which comes from John Carpenter's "They Live". Obey Propaganda blends punk, skate and hip hop vibes and it's able to remain true to its roots while looking for brand-new exciting elements for its creative project, in order to carry on its legacy dealing with the most interesting trends out there: Obey T-shirts' graphics often feature fine details regarding thorny events and the latest news, approaching the present from its personal point of view. Besides being the ultimate lifestyle brand for all the skaters on the ramps, Obey has been able to create and boost tendencies exploiting the strongest visual identity of the streetwear scene. Nowadays, the Obey Box Logo is appreciated and worn by tons of hip-hop artists and celebs that sported hoodies and snapbacks with the classic frontal logo, drawing attention on a label that needs no presentations at all: Obey has paved the way for a series of young independent brands, that look up to Shepard Fairey vision to take the first steps towards the streetwear. Scratching aesthetics and sarcastic prints are the keys of every Obey collection, ranging from chino pants, floral shirts and camo jackets to long-sleeved tees and other basic essentials: the ideal starter-pack for a street culture enthusiast seeking the right balance between street attitude and elegance. Obey was the first to boast collaborations with stores, labels and gifted artists: its "Do It Yourself!" motto means you need to be emotional about your work 24/7, sharing ideas and experiences and discovering new worlds - a lifestyle that sees your board at the center and all the Obey sweatshirts you want around. There's a lot more than artistic provocation and communicative revolution: Obey summarizes 40 years of music and skating apparel, going deep through social changes and pop culture staples: get inspired by SPECTRUM, join the Obey family and you'll never to get enough!

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