Rip N Dip

Founded in 2009 by Ryan O'Connor in Orlando, California, the skating clothing brand Rin D Dip developed one step after another, always on top in great L.A. style, the city where it recently moved its headquarter to. As the flagship is placed off Fairfax Avenue, Rip N Dip embodies the challenging lifestyle of pro skaters, used to trip from town to town seeking the best spots to skate on their boards ("to rip") and then quickly dodge the police which tries to arrest them ("to dip"). Firstly born as a simple writing on Ryan's skateboards, this expression won every skater's leading Rip N Dip to become an organized, consistent reality: brick by brick, Rip N Dip T-shirts started being respected and coveted due to an irreverent yet classy attitude that always makes fun of itself. All the pastel shades and faint nuances they chose are almost counter-intuitively paired with sharp prints and cheeky graphics, creating a personal and bright twist that remind us of the celebrated Supreme skate brand, now next door to Rip N Dip in Los Angeles. The cynical Lord Nermal - a cat inspired to the diabolic pet belonged to a member of Ryan's crew - stands now as the undisputed protagonist of every collection full of pocket T-shirts, reversibile tees, longsleevees and bizarre accessories like air freshener and many more. The loud kitten showing its middle finger on a flawless camo Rip N Dip jacket symbolizes how West Coast approach life, the cradle of street life, where you must have something extra to succeed because competition is fierce and cool ideas are everyday habits. If you're just looking for the right combination of unique designs, soft textures and lively colors, then Rip N Dip and Lord Nermal are that dynamic duo you've been craving for!

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