Thrasher Magazine is a monthly publication concerning the skating sphere, devised in 1981 by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swenson and Fausto Vitello, three young fellas obsessed with skating and the entire world around it. Contents affect music, photography and even local news about San Francisco, the area where the magazine was born in and universally considered the cradle of the modern skate culture. This paper is now a benchmark that gathers many leading artists and personalities around its development:tees, caps, and Thrasher sweatshirts are worldwide renowned, especially the Flame logo that reissues fonts coming from vintage '50s custom artists. Thrasher really wants to underline its ramps roots with bold underground graphics: the Skatemag logo represents Thrasher's rough and essential soul through a series of rad pieces, while the Skate Goat and Skate and Destroy are pro-skaters favorites. The flaming logo has been affected by many other legendary brands, giving birth to original collections: collaborations with Supreme, Vans, Huf are just the surface of a game-changing experience that has changed street culture rules once and for all. Even because of this ongoing trend, Thrasher T-shirts displaying bold logos started catching the eye of an increasing amount of people, going beyond simple skaters thanks to a strong aesthetic identity. It's no longer just a respected magazine, but a real brand with its own sought-after skate clothing line: the last few years have blessed Thrasher as the most interesting and surprising street-fashion phenomenon out there, a slant on the authentic counter-culture movement - sky's the limit for Thrasher!

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