Track top

Track top sweatshirts perfectly embody the athleticwear's integration into fashion. Originally made of crispy nylon and synthetic textures, the first tracksuits integrated elastic fibers with tech features and made their first appearance in the early '60s: needless to say adidas Originals was in the front row, coming with an all-red Beckenbauer track top paying homage to the captain of German football national team. We're talking about pure sportswear, created for pre-game warm-up: the breakthrough happened during '70s, when the ongoing passion for jogging and hiking pushed fleeces to become a worldwide phenomenon. The introduction of warm, stretch velour paired with the growth of disco music led to all-around track jackets for a real everyday use. Moreover, during '70s and '80s the newborn hip hop world got in touch with track tops sweatshirts, conveying the loudness of its major exponents through psychedelic motifs and statement models. Few years later it was time for European sportswear label to shine: Diadora, Puma and Kappa sweatshirts finally managed to blend activewear's pros with stylish feelings. In fact today's sweats come from those cutting-edge silhouettes, consisting of thinner nylon layers compared to the first adidas track tops. Early '90s showed the first oversize track tops featuring all-over patterns, bizarre prints and embroidered patches: largely widespread in the English terrace style, Fila and Sergio Tacchini represent two famous examples of a garment that was able to go through different decades, societies and trends. Introducing modern materials to rethink archive pieces is a common skill Nike often uses to update vintage track tops according to nowadays' drifts, mixing color-blocking panels and contrasting writings to get original old-but-new garments. Take a look at our page and take our advice: whether you're going for logo bands or heritage sensations, remember to follow your style!

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